Fredag 11. august klokka 12 ønsker Oplandia senter for samtidskunst velkommen til en kunstnerpresentasjon med Vasudhaa Narayanan, gjestekunstner ved Halden Bookworks. Hun vil gi en introduksjon til sitt kunstnerskap og bokprosjektet hun for tiden arbeider med. Presentasjonen inngår i kunstbokhandelen B*stard sitt fagprogram og vil foregå på engelsk.

Halden Bookworks is a center for book arts that houses a letterpress print shop, a bookbinding studio, and a papermaking studio. Their mission is to further cultivate the field of book arts in Norway and internationally by offering studio space, hosting workshops and events, and conducting research within the field.
Halden Bookworks is  run by Radha Pandey & Johan Solberg.

Vasudhaa Narayanan explores the complexities of identity, domesticity and gender through conceptual photographs, sculptural elements and performance. Through her work she confronts ideas of otherness within the patriarchal frameworks of culture and provokes one to question their biases towards the female abject. Narayanan is also a curator, editor and educator. All of these works encourage her to explore her diverse interests and practices, which help spotlight the complex narratives rooted in South Asia.

Vasudhaa Narayanan (b. 1991, Bangalore, India) lives and works in Bangalore, India. She has exhibited internationally at venues such as Southern Exposure (San Francisco, CA),  Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts – Project Space (New York, NY); the Goethe Institut (India); and recently throughout San Francisco including the Bass and Reiner (San Francisco, CA). 

At Oppland, Vasudhaa Narayanan will share her work, the research-led contexts that inform her practice as well as the book she is making during her residency at Halden Bookworks.